Safety Tool Lanyard Accessories LQ04

Safety Tool Lanyard Accessories LQ04
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Connector choices : Loop or Carabiner

Loop- Fits for a big variety of connection points(Captive hole or closed handles) of tools, but cannot be connected or exchanged so quickly.

Carabiner- Quicker connection and exchange is his advantage, but normally a tether point shall be required to be retrofitted to the tool first.

Carabiners' type

Below are the most common versions of locking and non-locking carabiners that you shall find on our tool lanyards:






A - Stainless steel clip locking--Secure, stable usage.

B - Double Action Self Locking - Secure, quick connection

C - Manual Locking Screw Gate - Secure when locked by worker

D - Triple Action Self Locking - Most secure, slower connection


Wire loop

This type is used to make it more convenient to tether or connect hand tools such as spanner, hammer in a easy way.

 wire loop sub pic 1                         wire loop sub pic 2            

Customized types of Safety Tool Lanyards are supplied as our clients special requirements and demands.

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