Tie Bar

Tie Bar
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Queen Tie Bar are used for the lateral bracing of Kwikstage scaffolds.They can also be used as compression and tension members for cantilevers/ spurs where they transmit loads back into the main scaffold structure. Also referred to as vertical diagonals, the wedge and mouthpiece swivels on each end, enabling them to connect into the rosettes of your standards with ease. Diagonal Bay Braces are also used for handrails in the Kwikstage Steel Stair System. Queen Group will give you a perfect product, along with fast and knowledgeable service. You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.

Tie bars have pins at each end which fit in holes of 2 and 3 board stage brackets (hopups) to prevent the brackets spreading and the planks from becoming dislodged.

Description of Tie Bar

Product Type Hop-Up
Size 0.73; 1.00; 1.27; 1.83; 2.44m
Surface Finished Electro-Galvanized/Hot Dip Galvanized/Powder Coated
Material Q235
Package In bulk or Steel Pallet, as your request, OEM accepted
Product Capacity 50 tons per day
MOQ 10 tons

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