Temporary Barrier Coupler

Temporary Barrier Coupler
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Introduction of Temporary Barrier Coupler :

Coupler for Securing Temporary Fence Panels Together with Anti-Tamper Security Fixing

Temporary barrier coupler that provides a positive connection between Temporary Fencing Panels with an integral security fixing that requires a special tool to fasten/unfasten, preventing unauthorized access/dismantling.

Specification of Temporary Barrier Coupler :

Material: Galvanized Steel

Weight: 360G

Thickness: 2.5MM

Width: 50MM

Length: 132MM

Package: 40 pcs/bag, 50 bags/Pallet, 40000pcs/Container

Pictures of Temporary Barrier Coupler :

Temporary Barrier Coupler Sample picture
Temporary Barrier Coupler Sample picture
Temporary Barrier Coupler Sample picture from manufacturer Linyi Queen

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