Table Formwork

Table Formwork
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Table formwork is used specially for concrete pouring of the slab floor concrete formwork. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, multi-storeys factories, underground structure and etc. It can be used as a whole unit or to dismantle its parts for use according to the requirements of the project. It is a simple structure that can be assembled or dismantled conveniently, flexible to set up and reusable.

Table formwork is designed to suit a particular structure and is customized down to the last detail. If the geometry of the structure requires, for example, a trapezoidal-shaped table for a circular office building, the table system tailored solution is the right choice. Adapting to the shape of the structure means that infill areas are reduced to a minimum.

The crane can be used to lift up the Table formwork. This will help to speed up the construction work process and significantly reduced the manpower required.

Standard specifications of Table formwork unit:

2240mm By 4880mm and 3300mm By 5000mm

Table FormworkTable Formwork

Table Formwork Unit with Safety Railings
In general, safety railings are installed on the edges of the Table formwork to ensure safety at work.

Table FormworkTable Formwork
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