Steel Post shoring

Steel Post shoring
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Steel post shores is temporary structural element which serves to transfer loads during the various stages of construction. Steel post shores made of steel or aluminum is used which is often connected by means of frames to form shoring towers or slab tables. Steel post shores can also be realized to use individual frames which is easily put together. Enormous flexibility is offered through the use of modular scaffolding, ranging from a simple shoring tower through to complex spatial shoring, and can be adapted to suit virtually any geometry as well as different loads.

It consists of internal tube, external tube, prop nut, base plate and top plate and can be adjusted to any length within its range which is convenient for using. It can be applied in many countries, such as Middle East, Span, Italy, Africa, South America, South Asia, etc.

Steel Shore Props find wide applications as temporary supports for building and civil

Engineering and other different supporting areas. Such as Slab Formwork, Column Formwork, Wall Formwork System, and Construction Structure Scaffolding Building. Works.

Adjustable steel props also can be used together with forkhead and tripods to support Formwork and Construction Structure.

Steel Post shoring Technical Specifications

Heavy Duty Steel Prop (With Casting Nut)
Tube Dia (mm) Thickness (mm) Adjustable Length (mm) Pin style Plate style
ø40/60 1.6-4.0 1800-3200 Casting nut/Cap nut Square plate/ Flower plate
ø40/60 1.6-4.0 2000-3600
ø48/60 1.6-4.0 2200-3900
ø48/60 1.6-4.0 2500-4500
ø48/60 1.6-4.0 3000-5500

Light Type Steel Prop (With Cup Nut)
Tube Dia (mm) Thickness (mm) Adjustable Length (mm) Pin style Plate style
ø48/56 1.8-2.2 1700-3000 Cup nut Square plate/ Flower plate
ø48/56 1.8-2.2 1800-3200
ø48/56 1.8-2.2 2000-3500

Steel Post shoringSteel Post shoring
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