Standard With Spigot

Standard With Spigot
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Queen Ringlock standards are the vertical members of Ringlock scaffolding system. They provide the vertical support for scaffolding. Queen Ringlock standards use quality raw material sourced from known and reputed vendors. Ringlock Standard set rosettes for ringlock ledgers, they'll be one for every 500mm. Our clients can avail customization solutions for this range. Queen Scaffold's Ringlock System Scaffold is easy to assemble and improves labor productivity. This makes our Ringlock System Scaffold is one of the most used and recognized Ringlock scaffolding for sale on the market today. Queen Group will give you a perfect product along with fast and knowledgeable service. You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.

Features of Standard With Spigot

Vertical (Standards)
Ringlock Verticals are made from High Tensile steel Q345. Each Rosette is made of steel grade Q235 and has a thickness of 8.0mm. The Rosette has 4 large holes and 4 small holes. The small holes are used for 90-degree angles at which the ledgers are fitted. The larger holes accommodate the bay braces or vertical diagonals. A wedge connector hammers in the holes to secure a strong rigid connection.

Description of Standard With Spigot

Product Type Ring-Lock Standard with Spigot
Tube Diameter 48.3mm
Tube Thickness 3.25mm
Rosset 122.3x9.8mm
Length 500/1000/1500/2000/2500mm/3000mm
Surface Finished Painted/Powder Coated/Electro-Galvanized/Hot Dip Galvanized
Material Q345
Package In bulk or Steel Pallet, as your request, OEM accepted
Product Capacity 50 tons per day
MOQ 10 tons

Weight List of Standard With Spigot

Length Weight
500mm 3.35KGS
1000mm 5.90KGS
1500mm 8.25KGS
2000mm 9.70KGS
2500mm 13.00KGS
3000mm 15.35KGS
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