Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape
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This is a universal tape, it can be used in many situation, such as gardening, repairing and building, Use in garden irrigation to seal leaky hoses, pipe and tubing Waterproof electrical connections and terminals, use as an emergency fixing belt, Reusable after cleaning, work even over wet, dirty or oily surfaces.

Product Features
1 Wide temperature range -50 ℃ to + 260 ℃, emergency temperature 300 ℃.
2 Thermal stability 200 ℃, at this temperature for long-term application,
Product safety apply more than 10 years, excellent anti-aging properties.
3 Has a stain, anti hydrochloric acid, anti-UV, anti-arc,
Ozone resistance, cold, heat, high pressure and so on.

Colour: Black   Material: Silicone rubber
Length: 3meter  Width: 25mm   Thickness: 0.3mm   Weight:0.55g

Advantages (compared to traditional PVC electrical tape):
1. Not need to wipe / dry the surface of the goods repaired, can repair with silicone tape directly, easy to use.
2. Waterproof, snowproof, weather proofe and insulation.
3. Clean, leaves no sticky mess on hand and goods.cut off repair tape, the surface of the goods without glue traces, keep items clean surface.

Silicone TapeSilicone Tape
Silicone TapeSilicone Tape
Silicone TapeSilicone Tape
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