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Queen Side brackets is ideal for extending the working area on the outside of the scaffolding. This is particularly useful for applications when working alongside of a building or structure. Side brackets should be used on the ladder side of the frame for maximum safety. Side brackets are used to extend the working platform closer to the building structure in cases where the main scaffold can not be erected directly next to the working face., It can adding an adjustable work height floor outside the scaffold., These materials are durable and long-lasting and intended for solid surface countertops.

The Scaffolding Frames Vertical Tubes is always Made by OD42.7mm Steel Scaffold Tube with 4 pcs of Flip Scaffolding Lock Pin and 2 PCS of Joint Pins.

Frame Scaffolding System Components Include Cross Braces, Metal Scaffold Planks, Cat Walking Board, Scaffold Stairs, Jack Base and U Head Jacks.

Scaffolding Jack Base and U Head Jacks are Made of Solid Screw Thread with Cast Jack Nut. Scaffolding Stairs could be Pre-galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized Finishing.
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