Scaffolding Sheeting-3mx45m

Scaffolding Sheeting-3mx45m
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Using Scaffolding Sheeting-3mx45m optimizes the working conditions and consequently the economy of a building project.

In the construction of multistory buildings such as skyscrapers, it is necessary to install temporary vertical Scaffold Sheeting at the edges of the various floors to prevent tools and construction materials such as rods, bricks, pipes and nails from falling from the floors and endangering people and property on underlying levels, including the ground surface. Such Scaffold Sheeting generally includes a toe board in the form of a plywood strip which is fastened to a floor surface at the edge of the floor. A separate net element such as a fabric netting or lattice is attached to the toe board at the construction site, as well as to upright supports such as vertical support beams or posts of the building superstructure. The toe board serves to prevent nails and other small items from being kicked or swept off of a building floor, while the lattice or net functions to catch larger objects such as tools and bricks from falling from the upper stories of the building during construction.

Product Description of Scaffolding Sheeting-3mx45m

Heavy duty plastic sheeting for use as protection on scaffolding reducing rain and wind penetration
which improves safety and the working environment for construction personnel.

Info Detail
Specification 1000N - 800 Gauge
Length 45m
Width 3m
Color white
Fire Retardant No
Pack Size 150cm x 50cm x 25 cm
Weight 33kg
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