Scaffolding Couplers

Scaffolding couplers and clamps are essentially the fundamental component that is used to assemble tube-and-coupler scaffolding as encompassed by AS1576. Tube-and-coupler scaffolding is defined in AS1576.3 as 'a scaffold in which individual circular tubes serving as standards, ledgers, braces or ties are joined together by means of purpose designed couplers'. This basic fitting that is designed to join two scaffold tubes can be used to create a diverse range of scaffolding structures or used as an accessory to prefabricated scaffolding systems. This manual includes basic types of scaffold couplers which join two tubes together as well as special couplers used to connect scaffold tube to other components, equipment or structures.
Working Load Limits (WLL’s) are given for couplers that are covered by AS1576.2 and comply with that standard. WLL’s for couplers shown may be limited by components to which they are attached. Hence, load capacity of such components must be checked for suitability to support resultant loads.

Queen Scaffolding Couplers are completely designed by following international quality standards in order to gratify our clients. Users can easily acquire different size and dimensions of couplers and fittings and choose as per their needs. For the better performance of these Scaffolding couplers and clamps our experts scrutinize the quality on diverse parameters. This category takes in Swivel Coupler pressed, Swivel Coupler Drop Forged, Right Angle or Fix Coupler Pressed, Right Angle or Fix Coupler Drop Forged, Girder Coupler, Putlog or Single Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Board Retaining Coupler, Roofing Coupler, Fencing Coupler and Ladder Clamp.

All scaffolding couples are manufactured to British and European Standards BS1139/ EN74 and incorporate the latest designs for added safety and ease of use. 

Queen Group made different types of coupler , we use the Q235 and according the standard EN74B,EN74BB, BS1139, surface use hot-dip galvanization and electro galvanization. Types have T bolt double coupler fixed rigid clamp, double coupler , swivel coupler,round ring clamp. We adopt forged technology, Our main product line includes sand casting, precision casting, stamping, welding and CNC machining. Formwork accessories, grader blades, loader cutting edge, bulldozer cutting edge, bucket teeth, ripper shank, sprocket segment, electromagnetic heating machine, plastic-coated steel link chain. Materials vary from grey iron, ductile iron, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and so on. 

We sell our coupler to worldwide. Mainly types:drop forged fixed coupler British type:48.3x48.3, drop forged swivel coupler British type 48.3x48.3, drop forged putlog coupler, pressed sleeve, end to end connector, drop forged fixed girder coupler, ladder coupler, drop forged inner joint pin,board retaining coupler,pressed right angle coupler British type,Pressed swivel coupler British type, Pressed putlog coupler , pressed inner joint pin. Drop forged half coupler brithsh type . we can accept customized marks can be made . 
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