Scaffold Tool Belt Set-QUEEN03

Scaffold Tool Belt Set-QUEEN03
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Designed to offer support over extended periods, the more you wear this belt the more comfortable it gets. The upper belt strap allows you to add on tool holders and pouches and is fastened with a heavy duty buckle.

The combination of materials used on our scaffolding safety belt allows them to last under the harsh conditions in which they are used.
scaffolding safety belt
Only 100% natural padding is used to avoid irritations to the wearers skin. being natural, it breathes in warmer climates and insulates in cooler climates. 
              scaffolding safety belt                     scaffolding safety belt
Sizes range from 32 inch up to 46 inch. Larger sizes can be made by request, please allow one extra day turnaround.
scaffolding safety belt  scaffolding safety belt
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