Ringlock Steel Plank

Ringlock Steel Plank
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Queen Ringlock Steel Plank's specially designed steel plank is the latest innovation in the field of scaffolding. There new steel planks have many advantages and detail of the same is as mentioned below: Dual Hole design, which reduces the weight of planks and makes its surface totally anti-slip. Pre Galvanized with accurate thickness plate is used for manufacturing Queen Planks. Highly accurate and strong. Highly accurate and strong. Queen Group will give you a perfect product, along with fast and knowledgeable service. You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.

Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Plank With Hooks

  • Ringlock scaffolding steel plank is manufactured with high strength galvanized steel.
  • The thickness of the sheet: 1.8mm
  • The width of the deck is 240mm or 300mm
  • Various lengths are available like 4',6',7',8',10' etc
  • Two hooks are assembled to the board, not welded
  • Safety locks are used to fix the plank and the tubes in a great way
  • There is also another type of Steel plank for your choice
  • Package: steel pallet

Features of Ringlock Steel Plank:

  • Industrial crafted steel scaffolding plank
  • Fire resistant, Ideal for use where welding or burning is occurring
  • long-term usage
  • Galvanized steel plank do not absorb water or chemicals
  • Consistent strength
  • Corrosion resistant

Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Steel Plank

Code No. Description Ringlock Steel Plank
QNPSRP088 Steel Plank 0.88m/ 2/9"
QNPSRP091 Steel Plank 0.91m/ 3'
QNPSRP106 Steel Plank 1.065m/ 3'6"
QNPSRP115 Steel Plank 1.15m/ 3'10"
QNPSRP121 Steel Plank 1.219m/ 4'
QNPSRP152 Steel Plank 1.524m/ 5'
QNPSRP157 Steel Plank 1.57m/2/ 5'2"
QNPSRP182 Steel Plank 1.82m/ 6'
QNPSRP213 Steel Plank 2.13m/ 7'
QNPSRP243 Steel Plank 2.43m/ 8'
QNPSRP Steel Plank 3.05m/ 10'

Ringlock Steel PlankRinglock Steel Plank
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