Ringlock Scaffold

Queen Group, the ringlock scaffolding manufacturer from 2005.

Engineered for versatility, durability and strength, Ringlock Scaffolding is a universal application system with professional performance. Ideal for use on structures with complicated shapes, plans and elevations, it’s the perfect choice when angular flexibility is important.

The Ring Lock rosette joint is engineered with eight holes so that members connect quickly and easily at “automatic angles.” When Ring Lock scaffold is being used on an uncomplicated, “normal” structure, scaffold horizontals connect to the rosette at 90o angles to ensure intersecting right angles. However, the joint also has four elongated holes that allow members to be connected at any angle between 30° and 60°.
  • Ringlock System

    Ringlock ScaffoldingQUEEN GROUP Ring-Lock Scaffolding System consists of hot dipped galvanized steel pie and modular components that are assembled together using integral wedge connectors. QUEEN GROUP...

  • Lattice Girder

    Lattice girders are horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding that allow for scaffolding over spans or gaps.Tube Size48.3x3.0MMMaterialQ235 Q345 Powder Coated Galvanized Hot Dipped GalvanizedItem Cod...

  • Ringlock Side Bracket 

    Side/Hop-Up Brackets are used to extend the working platform closer to the building structure in cases where themain scaffold cannot be erected directly next to the working face.Tube Size 48.3x3.00MMM...

  • Base Collars

    The ring lock base collar is used with rosette and height-adjustable surface plated to build a scaffolding base.The initial section is placed in the base place, and then the vertical section is instal...

  • Swivel Adapter Clamp

    FeaturesRight Angle adapter clamps are designed to easily join steel or aluminum tube directly to rosette of the ringlock scaffold creating 90 degree angles.It is designed to easily join a scaffold tu...

  • Rossete Clamp


  • Brace End


  • Standard With Spigot

    FeaturesVertical (Standards)Ringlock Verticals are made from High Tensile steel Q345. Each Rosette is is made of steel grade Q235 and has a thickness of 8.0mm. The Rosette has 4 large holes and 4 smal...

  • Horizontal Ledgers

    FeaturesLedgers are the horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding. They provide horizontal support for loads and planks. Ledgers can also be used as mid rail and top or hand guard rails.Ringlock Hori...

That means Ringlock Scaffolding System offers virtually unlimited angular adjustment and design, making it ideal for triangular, polygonal, and curved scaffold designs.
However, the advantages of this special rosette joint don’t end there. Here are other ways the BilJax system outperforms other conventional designs:
  • Using finite element analysis (FEA), the size and material strength of the modular rosette have been optimized for the applied loads.
  • The simple, easy-to-use design enhances safety during erection and use.
  • Strong, secure connections ensure joint stability
  • The flexible nature of the Ring Lock scaffold allows a wide variety of vertical and horizontal positioning. Vertical positioning is varied by selecting one of the many available feet/ inch and metric length horizontals. Horizontal positioning is varied by utilizing any of the available rosettes, positioned every .5m (19 3/8”)

  • The base begins with a single rosette starter. Horizontals are connected to the rosette. Alignment is automatically achieved when the horizontal wedge is tapped by a hammer.
  • Once the base created by the starters and first lift of horizontals is complete and level, additional lifts are created by inserting verticals into the sockets provided by the starters.
  • A total of seven different vertical heights of are available. Our three basic verticals include lengths of 1m (3’3”), 2m (6’6”), and 3m (9’9”). Rosettes are spaced at .5m (19 3/8”) intervals along the vertical’s height.
  • Up to eight horizontals and diagonals can be connected at any single point.
  • Verticals, horizontals and diagonals are all secured before scaffold planks are added. Scaffold planks are available in a wide variety of imperial and metric lengths.
  • Vertical diagonals carry wind loads and stabilizing forces to the support points.
  • Diagonals are available in commonly used lengths. They connect to the verticals using elongated holes in the rosette.

Ringlock scaffolding also named layer scaffolding, most widely used in bridges, building, CRH (China Railway High-speed), so it has a broad market prospect. Layer scaffolding have easy install, and can  repeat use. So can save the cost of construction. Economic and convenient is layer scaffolding remarkable feature. 

The rental scaffolding company mainly use ringlock scaffolding , and the high-speed railway made in china also use layer scaffolding made by QUEEN GROUP. Formworks support also use it . 

Layer scaffolding contains Standard/ vertical made of φ 48mm X 3.25mm thickness steel tube, per rung 0.5meter, length(mm): 700/ 1200/ 1700/ 2200/ 3200 etc.

2. Ledger/ horizontal (RS-l):
Made of φ 48mm X 3.25mm thickness steel tube,
Length(ctc)(mm): 460/ 730/ 1090/ 1570/ 2070/ 2570/ 3070 etc.
3. Brace/ diagonal (RS-b):
Made of φ 48mm X 3.25mm thickness steel tube, length(mm):
2000X2070=2429, 2000X2570=2839, 2000X3070=3274
4. Steel board (RS-sb):
Made of 1.5mm thickness pre-galvanized steel sheet,
320(w)X730/ 1090/ 1570/ 2070/ 2570/ 3070(l)
200(w)X2070/ 2570/ 3070(l)
5. Wood platform (RS-wp):
Made of aluminium profile and wood, with ladder
Specification(mm): 610(w)X2070/ 2570/ 3070(l)
6. Reinforce ledger (RS-rl):
Made of φ 48mm X 3.25mm and φ 42mm X 2.5mm thickness
Steel tube, length(mm): 1570/ 2070/ 2570/ 3070 etc.
7. Base collar (RS-bc):
Made of φ 60mm X 3.0mm and φ 48.3mm X 3.25mm
Thickness steel tube, length(mm): 240/ 430
8. U-head jack (CS-uj):
Made of φ 38mm X 3.5mm thickness tube, length(mm): 760
9. Base jack (CS-bj):
Made of φ 38mm X 3.5mm thickness tube, length(mm):
650/ 850
10. Bracket (CS-br):
Made of φ 48mm X 3.25mm thickness steel tube,
Specification(mm): 280/ 390/ 690/ 730(w)
11. Surface finish:
Paint/ electro- (hot dipped) galvanized or to be ordered
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