Kwikstage Scaffold

Queen Group, as the kwikstage scaffolding suppliers & manufactures can supply the two most commonly used system scaffold in the UK, Kwikstage scaffolding (designed by GKN Kwikform) and Scaflok (which is a copy system of " Cuplok / Cuplock ", designed by S.G.B.). Whilst each system is different, they are both based around a bay size of 8ft / 2.5m and 6ft / 1.8m with a width of 4ft / 1.3m.

Each system can be used in just about any application and is the safest option if you intend to erect the scaffolding yourself.  
Scaflok is around 50% more expensive than Kwikstage, this is mainly due to Scaflok / Cuplok being galvanized and it holding its appearance/finish, whilst Kwikstage is painted when new, and becomes rusty when secondhand.

  • Step Down Bracket

    Step Down BracketThe first step onto a stair access or ladder access is always difficult due to site constraints, ground levels, and base outs. The use of the adjustable step-down bracket gives the co...

  • Horizontal Ledgers

    Due to the diligence of our assiduous workforce, we are capable of serving the growing demand by manufacturing top rated Horizontals Ledger. The offered ledgers are the most important element of kwik ...

  • Verticals/Standards 

    Verticals form the support or the uprights and are made from Standard Scaffold Tubes of 48.3 x 4 mm thick. They have a series of "V" pressed welded at nominal 500 mm on the tube to provide a location ...

  • Transom

    TransomTransoms fit into the lower "V" pressings on the standards to carry steel boards and secure the standards together. The transoms are installed horizontally and at 90 degrees to the ledger.Descr...

  • End Toe Board Bracket

    End Toe Board BracketAn end toe board bracket is appropriately named, designed and manufactured for the sole purpose of holding the scaffolding batten securely at the desired right angle. Kwikstage en...

  • Return Transom

    Return TransomStage board brackets provide an additional cantilevered working platform normally from the inside face of the scaffold. A 2 board kwikstage return transom has been designed with the sole...

  • Kwikstage System

    The introduction of Working at Height regulations has increased the importance of providing scaffolding as a work, safety, and fall protection platform for environments where work will be conducted at...

  • Hop-Up

    Hop-Up Brackets enable work to take place away from the main scaffold run, they are available in 1,2 and 3 board widths. Hop-Up Brackets are also very useful if the building is to be rendered as they ...

  • Diagonal Brace

    The brace provide an additional stabilising influence on the scaffold. Made from nominal scaffold tube, the brace are flattened at each end, to accept a swivel “c” coupler with a captive wedge. Bra...

  • Toe Board End Clip

    Toe Board End ClipA board on edge shall be fixed beneath the guard rail to form a toe board approximately 150mm above the deck level.Clamps to the standard with a captive wedge to hold the batten toe ...

  • Tie Bar

    Tie BarTie bars have pins at each ends which fit in holes of 2 and 3 board stage brackets (hopups) to prevent the brackets spreading and the planks from becoming dislodged. DescriptionProduct TypeHop-...

  • Ladder Transom

    Ladder transom The ladder transom is used to provide an opening for a ladder to pass through inside the scaffold, allowing for internal access. Clamps at 90 degrees to ledgers to allow 1.2 metre steel...

Kwikstage scaffolding system is by far the most common system used today, it is based around the same bay size as Scaflok / Cuplock but usually comes painted yellow. Kwikstage uses a "wedge" and "V-pressing" to locate and lock all components together.

Features & Benefits
  • No loose fittings Captive connector means reduced losses and increased productivity compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffold.
  • Adaptability Kwikstage will allow the user to follow most building profiles by just using the basic components.
  • Quick and easy to erect Ledgers and transoms are fixed to the vertical standards using captive wedge connections, eliminating the need for transverse bracing. All Joints are self-locating. They have been designed for use by unskilled labour, keeping erection times and costs to a minimum. This ensures stringent safety levels can be easily achieved.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories A wide range of accessories includes handrails, board stage-brackets, staircase towers and loading bays, providing safe and secure access systems for all your requirements.
  • Simple to maintain Most connections are made with wedge fixings which are very simple to use leading to longer product life and minimum service costs.
  • Few basic components The basic units are few and their compactness, with no loose fittings, simplifies storage and transportation as well preventing damage.
  • Supplementary equipment The number of ancillary fittings to adapt the system to the many demands for use in propping and falsework are minimised by simplicity of the system.
  • Maximum safety All coupling joint parts are from steel pressings which give maximum safety under all conditions.

  • General purpose and inspection light or heavy duty access
  • Perimeter scaffold
  • Birdcage scaffold
  • Access for steelfixing/concreting
  • Bridging scaffold
  • Roof edge protection
  • Static towers
  • Mobile towers
  • Loading platforms
  • Stairway towers

Kwikstage also called Quick stage
,it mainly used in Australia ,UK, South Africa, South East Asia (there will be some difference between these area,but the technology is the same ), is a modular scaffolding system.

Its components Include Standard, Ledger, Transom, Brace, Mesh Guard, Toe Board, Hop Up Bracket, Tie Bar, etc. Quick stage Scaffolding transom is a components of quick stage system for Australian and Uk scaffolding companies made from 50*50mm steel iron steel in painting finishing. The quick stage scaffolding transom is a support transom for scaffolding planks in 230mm width. According to scaffold board and plank width, the quick stage scaffolding transom can be in standard size of one board transom, 2 board transom, 3 board transom etc. 

Quick stage scaffolding is a type of quick fit scaffolding, which is fast and easy in erection for construction and formworks system.  Kwikstage scaffolding is popular used in australian and Uk,Ireland countries. The standards of kwikstage scaffolding is AS/NZS1576.The kwikstage scaffold made by Queen Group  has tested and certified in Australian Melbourne City that is safe scaffolding material used for construction according to Australian standards. 

Get kwikstage scaffolding manuel and erection guide from Queen Group scaffolding manufacture Factory.  Its components of standard verticals are made from OD48.3x4.0mm high strength steel scaffold tube with v clips on and spigot and ledgers are made form round scaffolding pipe with wedge pins to be connected with scaffolding standard v clips. 
Queen Group also produces kwikstage scaffolding parts and components like scaffoldng planks,stairs in aluminium and steel handrails for access scaffolding in construction.
Scaffolding planks for kwikstage scaffolding system is tested and certified by AS/NZS 1577 standard in Melbourne city by MTS testing house. Standard kwikstage scaffolding planks are in 230mm width and 2.42m, 1.25m, 074m and 1.81m.
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