Heavy Duty Slab Prop

Heavy Duty Slab Prop
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Adjustable steel props are widely used in different supporting areas. Slab formwork and table formwork with its high loading capacity may meet maximum stability for construction.

1. It consists of internal tube, external tube, prop nut, base plate and top plate.
2. It can be adjusted to any height within its range which is convenient for using.
3. It is for supporting concrete slab, beam, timber and formwork which is strong and reliable for interior building construction

Introduction of Heavy Duty Slab Prop:

Queen Shoring props area consisted of steel props. All Props are designed to meet the increasing demands in the construction industry for safety. strength. durability and speed. It is versatile enough for use in many different applications, including shoring in difficult-to-reach areas. re-shoring. back shoring.renovation. retrofitting and any new construction requiring use of strong vertical supports.

Safety of Heavy Duty Slab Prop:

  • Tested safety and Strength.
  • Engineered by Queen 10 years experienced R&D Team.
  • Stringent Quality System implemented throughout production process.

The efficiency of Heavy Duty Slab Prop:

High loading capacity requires less use of props. reducing cost in material and labor. No loose components.

The versatility of Heavy Duty Slab Prop :

Various Designs and Load Rating to meet your existing inventory and job requirement.

Material  Q235 Surface Treatment: Painting
Q345 Powder Coated
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Item Code Minimum Height Maximum Height Outer Tube/Inner Tube Lock Pin
LQ-HDAP-0508 0.50 M 0.80 M 108/89MM 14x360mm
LQ-HDAP-0712 0.70 M 1.20 M 89/76MM 16x450mm
LQ-HDAP-0915 0.96 M 1.50 M 76/63MM 18x550mm
LQ-HDAP-1425 1.46 M 2.50 M 76/60MM 20x650mm
LQ-HDAP-1730 1.70 M 3.00 M 60/48MM
LQ-HDAP-1935 1.96 M 3.50 M Thickness of Tube
LQ-HDAP-2036 2.00 M 3.60 M 2.00mm Plate
LQ-HDAP-2240 2.20 M 4.00 M 2.50mm 120x120x5mm
LQ-HDAP-2540 2.59 M 4.00 M 3.00mm 120x120x6mm
LQ-HDAP-2545 2.50 M 4.50 M 3.25mm 140x140x5mm
LQ-HDAP-2750 2.71 M 5.00 M 3.50mm 140x140x6mm
LQ-HDAP-3050 3.00 M 5.00 M 4.00mm 150x150x5mm
LQ-HDAP-3555 3.50 M 5.50 M 5.00mm 150x150x6mm
LQ-HDAP-4060 4.00 M 6.00 M 6.00mm 150x150x8mm

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