H20 Beam & Formworks

Queen Group, specialized in manufacturing & supplying the various formworks in construction including H20 beam formwork, steel formwork, scaffolding formwork, formworks for beams columns and slabs, steel formwork for concrete.

The basis of the H20 Beam Formwork and Column Formwork system is the H20 Timber Beam. The H20 Timber Beam is made of the high quality with competitive advantages.

The H20 Timber Beam is sturdy, easy to handle and only weighs 4.80 Kg/m. It provides ci high load-bearing capacity even for great distances of Walers. The advantage results to less anchor points. 丁he project oriented design and arrangement of the H20 Timber Beam elements allow choices of various types of plywood sheer Furthermore, the system allows an optimum and flexible arrangement of tie positions.
  • Table Formwork

    H 20 Table Formwork Product Description Table formwork is used specially for concrete pouring of the slab floor concrete formwork. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, multi-stor...

  • H 20 Timber Beam

    H 20 Timber BeamThe most easy and flexible slab formwork system for all types of slabs, consisting of steel props, tripod stands, fork heads, H20 timber beams and shuttering panel. The system can be u...

  • Adjustable Column Formwork

    Adjustable Column Formwork The adjustable column formwork refers to adjusting the sectional dimension, to meet the specifications of the square or rectangular shape for concrete pouring formwork. It c...

  • H20 Beam Wall Formwork

    H 20 Beam Wall Formwork (H20 Timber Beam Wall Formwork for Large Area ), is the basic wall formwork mainly consisted by H20 timber beam and steel waler with plywood. It can be easily shaped to differe...

  • Formwork H20 Wood Beam

    Fromwork H 20 Timbear Beam SpecificationsItemH20 Timber BeamWing MaterialImported spruce solid wood, finger-jointed and glueing according to DIN 68140-1Web MaterialMultilayer poplar plywoodHead Protec...

  • Formwork H 20 Beam 

    H 20 Beam Wooden beam for formwork .consisting of a three-layer central section and an upper and lower wing ,the union is designed as a notched and glued joint .Webs a web of all three-layer board wit...

  • Circular Wall Formwork

    Circular Wall Formwork is designed for forming circular walls, applied to sewage treatment plants, spiral ramps in car-parks and circular tanks.·AdjustabilityRadius can be adjusted continuously by r...

  • H16 Formwork Beam

    H 16, H20 Formwork Timber Beam Raw Material:pine LVL for flange,poplar plywood for web.Glue:100%WBP phenolic glueDensity:5.0-6.0kgs/m3size:flane 40mm*80mm*length Web: 27*150*length Height:200mmWat...

  • H20 Flex Formwork System

    H 20 Flex Formwork System This system is ideal for use with different slab thicknesses,as only the statically necessary parts are used.Loose plywood plates, supported by H20 girders,(cross girders) se...

  • Single Side Formwork

    Single Sided Bracket DescriptionThe single-sided bracket is used in the formwork structure of single-sided wall concrete pouring. It is convenient, simple to operate and widely applicable. The maximu...

  • Self-Climbing Formwork

    Self-Climbing Formwork Introduction The power of the auto-climbing formwork is the hydraulic system, which includes the oil cylinder and commutators. Through the functioning of hydraulic system, the...

  • Faced Film Plywood 18mm

    Faced Film Plywood Core: poplar, hardwood or combi.• Film: black/brown• Thickness: 9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm,25mm,27mm,30mm.• Size in sheets: 1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm, large size is available.• G...

The H20 wall formwork elements are assembled quickly and easily by connecting the H20 Timber Beams to the Walers by means of H20 Timber Beam Clamp. Dismantling of elements is done as easily as the erection of the system. The advantage is that the wall formwork system provides a high adaptation and easy reassembling when ground plans of the structure change frequently.

The H20 wall and column formwork system is one of the most economical alternatives to steel frame formwork panel system when it comes to complicated designs and numerous non-typical applications with the same wall height.

The H20 wall and column formwork system is used for all types of walls and columns and has high rigidity and stability at a relatively low weight.

H-20 Beam Introduction 

H-20 Beam is used for concrete formwork construction. H-20 Beam widely applied in slab formwork system, wall formwork system, column formwork system, timber structures, and other temporary bearing structures.

A) Solid flange: Sawed-Pine imported from Finland or pine LVL; High stability
B) Web: plywood; High durability; High load bearing capacity
C) glue: weather & water-proof glue
D) Beam ends sealed: Protect from moisture and UV; Reduce damage; Increase service life
E) With high standardization, universal property, fast operation.
F) High stiffness, light weight, strong load-carrying capability.
G) Low cost, recycle resource.

Formwork Beam H20
Application: carry film faced plywood in concrete formwork in construction 
Size: 200mm (Height)*80mm (Width)*40mm (flange thickness)*27mm(web thickness), we call it H20 Beam.

Flange:  Spruce, sawed pine
Web:birch, poplar, combi plywood
Thickness of web: 27mm(+/-1mm)
Painting: Yellow Waterproof Paint,surface is coated by antiseptic and waterproof yellow painting
Length: 1.9-5.9meters

Poplar Plywood web in WBP glue
End covered with steel or plastic
Length longer than 6m can be special produced.
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