H16 Formwork Beam

H16 Formwork Beam
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QUEEN H16 Formwork Beams are the basis for many QUEEN formwork systems and can be used widely. Thousands of these manufactured beams are applied for countless construction sites every day. H16 wooden beams protect edges and form the grid faced film plywood for fair-faced concrete surfaces. Wooden beams for formwork consist of two upper and lower wooden wings and a central section with three layers. The union is designed as a notched and glued joint.

The H16 Timber Beams are in particular very practical due to its easy handling, low weight (4.80 kg/m only), and excellent statical figures. Its high-grade bonding and protected beam ends with a plastic bumper assures a long duration of life. Furthermore, The H16 Beams is approved by German building supervisory board. The H16 SlabFlex System is designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12812: 2008, code of practice for Falsework.

Product Description of H16 Formwork Beam

  • Raw Material: pine LVL for the flange, poplar plywood for the web.
  • Glue: 100%WBP phenolic glue
  • Density: 5.0-6.0kgs/m3
  • size: flane 40mm*80mm*length Web: 27*150*length  Height: 200mm
  • Water Content: 5-12%
  • Maximum Length: 12000M
  • Painting: Yellow waterproof painting
  • Wood material: Spruce from North Europe, radiate pine
  • Flange size: 80X 40mm
  • Web width: 30mm (3-layer OR multi-layer)
  • Weight/: 5.00kg-5.20kg/meter
  • Length available: 1.25/2.45/2.65/2.9/3.3/3.6/3.9/4.9/5.9meter
  • Surface finishing: waterproof yellow painting or other colors


  • specification:
  • pine lvl/plywood, wbp glue, waterproof.
  • top and bottom: 80*40mm
  • plywood thickness: 27mm
  • length: as your request


  • specification: pine lvl/plywood, wbp glue, waterproof.
  • top and bottom: 65*40mm
  • plywood thickness: 22mm
  • length: as your request

H16 Formwork BeamH16 Formwork Beam
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