Gin Wheel Pulley

Gin Wheel Pulley
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Queen Gin Wheel Pulley and support brackets are designed to enable scaffolders to manually hoist scaffolding equipment weighing up 250kg to a working platform. Provided the support structure is adequately anchored by the hoist, the gin wheel's simplicity and ease-of-use offers a very effective tool for vertically transporting material and reducing the member of scaffolders needed to move components on site. Queen Group will give you a perfect product, along with fast and knowledgeable service.You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.

Gin Wheel Pulley Product Description

  • Size: 8",10".12".14"
  • Material: Q235 Steel
  • Surface finish: Electric-galvanized or Painting (red or green)
  • Weight: 8"-4.1kg    10"-4.88kg   12"-6kg   14"-7.2kg
  • Compliance standard: EN BS 1692:1998
  • The Gin wheel have a safe workinging Load of 250kgs and proof load 900kgs
Gin Wheel PulleyGin Wheel Pulley
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