Four Pole System Hoist Form

Four Pole System Hoist Form
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Hoist form pole assembly parts for Dual&single car
4 pole system

  • Save land area and take full use of space and columns can be arranged according to your requirements.
  • Comprehensive security protection system, such as safety anti-falling hook, mechanism detect peopleor car entering
  • Vehicle loading pallet fully enclosed design, to avoid oil leakage, rain and snow.
  • Simple structure, easy installation, minimal requirements for engineering.

Four pole hoist tower is custom dimensions avilable . now we also have avaliable box sizes for your choice
For Dual car
2.6ft4' 'x14ft
3.10ft10' 'x14ft
For single car
3.sister bays 6ft6''x6ftx6''

Four hoisting tower used for 4 wheel barrow, and for builder lift concrete bricks, blocks, cement bags and other building material upto 300ft.
4 pole hoist is popular with builders. the builders hoist tower made by Queen Group is widely used in construction.

puzzle car parking system
hoist form pole assembly parts
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