Formwork H20 Wood Beam

Formwork H20 Wood Beam
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QUEEN H20 Formwork wood Beams are the basis for many QUEEN formwork systems and can be used universall. Hundreds of thouands of these carefully manufactured beams do sterling service on countless constrection sites every day.H20 wooden beams have protected edges and form the grid faced film plywood for fair-faced concrete surfaces.Wooden beam for formwork consisting of two upper and lower wooden wings and a central section consisting of three layers. The union is designed as a notched and glued joint.

The H20 Timber Beams are in particular very practical due to its easy handling, low weight (4.80 kg/m only), and excellent statical figures. Its high-grade bonding and protected beam ends with a plastic bumper assures a long duration of life. Furthermore, The H20 Beams is approved by German building supervisory board. The H20 SlabFlex System is designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12812 : 2008, code of practice for Falsework.

Specifications of Formwork H20 wood beam


H20 Timber Beam

Wing Material

Imported spruce solid wood, finger-jointed and gluing according to DIN 68140-1

Web Material

Multilayer poplar plywood

Head Protection

Without head protection


(PRF) Finger-jointed between wings and web pursuant to approval notice Z-9.1-146

Moisture Content

less than 12% at the time of delivery

Surface Protection

The complete beam is waterproofed using a water-repellent color glaze


Yellow or as customer's request

Wing Size


Web Size

30mm thickness



Standard lengths

1.25/ 2.45/ 2.65/ 2.9/ 3.3/ 3.6/ 3.9/ 4.9/ 5.8meter

Mechanical Specification

Modulus of elasticity: E 11,000 N/mm2

Shear modulus: G 600 N/mm2


Pallet or in bulk


Load Quantity

When L=2.9M, it can be 4640M/40HQ(16pallets)
When L=3.9M, it can be 4680M/40HQ (12pallets)


ITEM Working capacity EN request SGS test
maximum bending resistance 5KN. M 10.9KN. M 16.2KN. M
maximum shearing resistance 11KN 23.9KN 30.8KN
maximum bearing resistance 22KN 47.8KN 53.2KN


Level formwork system, Vertical formwork system, Adjustable formwork system, Curve formwork system, Irregular formwork, etc.

Formwork H20 wood beamFormwork H20 wood beam

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