Cuplock Ledger(Horizontal)

Cuplock Ledger(Horizontal)
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Cuplock Horizontal Ledgers are the horizontal members of Cuplock scaffolding. They provide horizontal support for loads and planks. Ledgers can also be used as mid rail and top or hand guardrails. Cuplock Horizontal Ledger braces the scaffolding system by connecting to the vertical standards by a wedge and cup connection node. Queen Cuplock Horizontals are available in different sizes, shapes and capacities to meet unlike requirements of clients. We have a large of ledger for diverse civil and construction projects. Queen Group will give you a perfect product, along with fast and knowledgeable service. You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.

Cuplock Ledger is used to making rigid bond to endure uneven site handling. This cuplock ledger is comprised of forged blade end which fits in the bottom cup. Tube size available to us is 48.3 x 3.25mm. Minimum projection of blades evades damages in handing and standardized dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

Applications of Cuplock Ledger(Horizontal)

  • Construction Industry
  • Engineering Industry

Features of Cuplock Ledger(Horizontal)

  • Hot dip galvanized finish
  • High strength
  • Excellent Durability

Cuplock Ledger(Horizontal)
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