Australia Building Acrow Props

Australia Building Acrow Props
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Australia building acrow props can be divided into Scaffold Frames, Walk Thru Frame, Ladder Frame, Box Frame, Narrow Frame, Heavy Duty Scaffolding Shoring Frame with Frame System Components of Scaffolding Braces, Coupling Pins, Guard Rails, Goosers, Screw Jacks, U Head, Guard Rail Post.

Australia building acrow prop has Various of Frame Scaffolding Lock Pins of Flip Lock Pin, Snap On Lock, Fast Lock, V Lock, C Lock, Canada Lock.

Queen Scaffolding Produces All Australia frame scaffold by S355(Q345) Steel Grade Material to Meet up ASTM Scaffolding Standard.
Australia building acrow prop system is rated heavy duty (675 kg’s) and is suitable for all trades including: Bricklayers, demolition, carpenters, stone masons, steel fabricators etc. It is a great alternative for owner builders who want to buy the scaffold themselves.

Electroplated and Hot dipped galvanized and Powder coated Manufactured and tested to AS610-1995 Standard.

Item No Adjust Height:mm Outer Tube:mm Inner Tube:mm Weight:kg
QNSPAS102 660-1020 60x3.6 48x4.0 9.85
QNSPAS182 1070-1820 60x3.6 48x4.0 14.72
QNSPAS312 1750-3120 60x3.6 48x4.0 21.23
QNSPAS335 1980-3350 60x3.6 48x4.0 22.28
QNSPAS395 2590-3950 60x3.6 48x4.0 25.07
QNSPAS487 3200-4870 60x3.6 48x4.0 30.1

Australia Building Acrow PropsAustralia Building Acrow Props
Australia Building Acrow PropsAustralia Building Acrow Props
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