American Forged Swivel Coupler

American Forged Swivel Coupler
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Queen American Forged Swivel Coupler is designed for scaffolding constructions, Queen Group offers a wide variety of Forged coupler used in creating all types of scaffolding structures. Forged swivel fitting by Strongforge, used for connecting two tubes at any angle. This fitting is designed for use in all types of scaffolding construction, most often employed where diagonal bracing is required and also in lighting rigs, staging and guard rails. This scaffolding fitting is forged and offers great durability. Queen Forged Couplers are made using high quality of material and can be designed as per the client specifications. Quality products start with quality design. Safety is the highest priority in designing our products. Queen Group will give you a perfect product, along with fast and knowledgeable service. You will know where to look for any other scaffolding or accessories that you might be in need in the future.
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