Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Tag Kits

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Tag Kits
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Product Specification

Model No.

Queen -saffolding safety tag




Plastic (ABS)


90mmX305mmX2.2mm (Width X Height X Thickness)


2pcs PVC material Inspection record cards;

2pcs fine permanent marker pens

Packing Details

10 pcs holder&2 marker pen per box;

10 boxes per carton.

Safety Tags are widely used as a safety inspection management system

and used by lots of companies worldwide.

Safety Tags can provide a clear inspection trail and ensure the user is

informed of the status of the equipment.

Key Features

1. These safety tag kits allow essential safety information to be recorded and displayed - including movements and safe weight information

2. Can be fixed to scaffolding without the need to dismantle part of the structure

3. If the scaffolding fail inspection the inserts can be removed to display a pre-printed 'Do not use this equipment' message on the claw tag

4. After job completion these safety tag inserts can be stored and referenced allowing essential safety and audit information to be accessible

5. Designed for use with the Claw Tag holders

Sample of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Tag Kits
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