Adjustable Shoring Props

Adjustable shoring props is kind of shoring equipment are temporary structural elements which serve to transfer loads during the various stages of construction. They support, for example, formwork until the concrete has reached its load-bearing capacity, or transfer loads from components and equipment during the construction, maintenance or demolition of structural works. The requirements placed on shoring systems are diverse; load-carrying capacity, assembly height and adaptability are likewise important criteria as individual component weights as well as the possibility of integrating working areas and access means.

Steel Props are made of steel material which are often connected by means of frames to form shoring towers or slab tables. Shoring towers can also be realized using individual frames which are easily put together. Enormous flexibility is offered through the use of modular scaffolding, ranging from a simple shoring tower through to complex spatial shoring, and can be adapted to suit virtually any geometry as well as different loads.
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Features of Shoring Prop:

  • It is for supporting concrete slab, beam, timber and formwork which is strong and reliable for interior building construction
  • It consists of internal tube, external tube, prop nut, base plate and top plate.
  • It can be adjusted to any length within its range which is convenient for using.
  • With its simple structure, Adjustable Support Prop is easy to assemble and dismantle which can help to save your time and cost.
  • It can be applied in many countries, such as Middle East, Span, Italy, Africa, South America, South Asia, etc.
  • Flat plate or flower plate can be welded at the top of the Adjustable Steel Scaffold Shoring Prop as customized requests. 


  • Fully adjustable, no working height limit.
  • Easy to erect and dismantle, labour and time saving.
  • High supporting capacity.
  • No ledger, flexible to erect anywhere.
  • Economical and practical.

Steel props feature QUEEN made:


Props have been type-tested according to DIN EN 1065
Prop is made from the material of Q235 or Q345 which will ensure the load-bearing capacity.
The 100% galvanization of all surface at the end of the production process ensure a long service life.
We use advanced automatic welding equipment, make beautiful welding gap and we do the inspection for each steel prop.
Hot-dipped galvanized finish prevents rust and extends life.

2.Convenient to use

All adjustable hardware is self-contained. No lost or missing parts
Both inner and outer tube of props may be used upside-down, Steel prop can be adjusted according to the different height of the constructions.
Props with well-developed and practical details for fast forming.
Adjustable props are designed to support vertical loads, all formwork or supported structures must be restrained from lateral movement.
Adjustable prop can be used individually or in conjunction with frame shoring assemblies
Available U-head provides a saddle to support the stringer or joists
Quick-release device saves time and energy during stripping
Props provide the ideal and the most economic method of support for all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, wall & columns. They are also invaluable for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. PROPS eliminate the costly labor and time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing when used in the vertical as a prop.

3.Be praised by the clients

The adjustable shoring jack props we made have been used in many countries all over the world. For example, USA, UK, Australia, Germany,France, Angola,Bulgaria,Canada,Chile,Colombia, Costa Rica,Croatia ,Czech, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, Greece,India, Haiti, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Ireland,
Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon , Libya, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman,Pakistan,Panama , Peru, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa,Sudan, Syria, America, United states , United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,Vietnam, Yemen,and so on . For the good quality , the adjustable shoring props can be reused many times ,even though it is out of work , the material can also be recycled. All client give more prise for our props .
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