Acrow Props and Accessories

Acrow Props and Accessories
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Queen acrow props and accessories mainly include forged washer plate, tensioner clamps, guardrail hooks, fence, screw sleeve, handle sleeve nut, scaffolding wheels and so on.

There are multiple ways to reach any area, and each may involve varying degrees of safety and risk. That's why a critical part of every rental consultation is a comprehensive review by a trained Rolls Scaffold representative of the scaffolding accessories needed to complete the project safely.

Acrow Props are a popular form of construction equipment widely used as temporary support or slab during building construction, which could be adjusted to a variety of heights, the Acrow Props is the versatile tool that is indispensable to anyone working in the construction.

Item No Adjust Height:mm Outer Tube:mm Inner Tube:mm Weight:kg
QNSPAS102 660-1020 60x3.6 48x4.0 9.85
QNSPAS189 1040-1829 60x3.6 48x4.0 14.72
QNSPAS314 1750-3124 60x3.6 48x4.0 21.23
QNSPAS332 1980-3352 60x3.6 48x4.0 22.28
QNSPAS362 2590-3962 60x3.6 48x4.0 25.07
QNSPAS487 3200-4876 60x3.6 48x4.0 30.1

Acrow Props and Accessories
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