Measures to Prevent Scaffold Collapse

1.Putting up multilayer or high-rise construction scaffold must follow the special construction technology program; floor type steel scaffold, cantilever scaffold, door-type scaffold, pendant-type scaffold, attached lifting scaffold and basket scaffold whose height is more than 50m must be designed and calculated specially.

2.The operator who put up and take down scaffold must be trained in advance with license.

3.The material, fastening and fixed parts must conform to the quality standard stipulated by the state. Before using, they must be checked and accepted without any unexpected products.

4.The structure of scaffold must be put up depend on the standard design. It must be connected cross bridging with building to keep its permissible perpendicularity and whole stability. Protective measures like protective barrier, vertical safety net and ground basket must be set, stage plank should be laid rigour, probe plate and space plate are not  allowed.

5.Scaffold erection should be checked and accepted in sections to ensure quality requirement.  In the process of construction, it must be checked at regular intervals or irregularly( especially after heavy rain or snow), scaffold using and managing system must be strictly established.

6.Attached lifting scaffold need to be checked by specialized testing department after finishing, it can be used only when it gets license.

7.Attached lifting scaffold must be with stable hoisting equipment and safety device to avoid falling, leaning out and early warning monitor, its vertical supporting frame and horizontal supporting frame of it structure must be connected by welding or bolt, it can not be connected with fastening and steel tube directly. When lifting and dropping scaffold, we must be unity commanded to avoid crashing, shocking and shaking. If there is something wrong, stop at once and check it out.

8.Floor type scaffold is suitable to put up with double row, joint of upright tube should be missed a step, its root should put on the long plate or support to fasten bottom horizontal tube. The floor that support upright tube should be flat to avoid sinking of setting of ground and danging.

9.The bottom cantilever of cantilever scaffold should use fashioned iron, fastening cantilever beam on the face of floor with intense embedment snap ring and using sire rope sideways as unloading gear according to the height of frame and its design.

10.Basket scaffold should use fixed basket frame, its material should be fashioned iron or other suitable metal material, its structure must be with enough strength and rigidity; When lifting and dropping basket, lifting brake equipment and overturn-preventing equipment should be used as qualified lifting equipment; operator must be trained with license.

11.Cantilever platform for construction must be calculated, platform can not be stressed when it is attached to scaffold, it need to be set alone, slant pull wire rope on the side of platform should be stressed with building rachel, the loading of platform should be limited strictly.

12.All the hoisting equipment and concrete conveying pump pipe must be isolated with scaffold to avoid shaking, in case that scaffold will lost stability because of shocking.

13.When taking down scaffold, safety measures must be formulated and clear, wall-linking rod can not be taken down firstly, it should be taken down from to ti bottom, the place we take down should have caution area.
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