Introduction of Heavy Duty Retractable Lanyard Products

Heavy duty retractable lanyards are designed to increase safety and productivity in the work environment. At a higher level of work, nothing is more dangerous than a heavy tool that has plummeted. The heavy duty retractable lanyard is a durable strap made up of an extension cord, making work-related tasks easier than ever. It includes a Carabiner and a drawstring connection point so that workers can attach the sling to the work belt or harness. The heavy duty retractable lanyards are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Quality products start with quality design. Safety is the top priority of our product design and production. Our company will provide you with comprehensive products, as well as professional and knowledgeable services. You will find any scaffolding or accessories you may need in the future.

Heavy duty retractable lanyard production description: The air-side aluminum end made by Carabiner with a heavy-duty twist lock is a safety accessory. It weighs 120 grams and expands from 60 mm to 1,700 mm and bounces back with the right amount of force. SWL: 5 kg
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