• 23,01,2019

    Construction of frame scaffolding1) The order of construction of frame scaffolding is: foundation preparation→cushion plate→base→two single-piece portal frame →installation of crossbar→repeated i...

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  • 21,01,2019

    Frame scaffolding is one of the most widely used scaffolding in construction. Because the main frame is "door" type, frame scaffolding is called portal or portal scaffolding, also known as Eagle or ga...

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  • 24,10,2018

    No matter as support system of construction formwork or peripheral protection frame, scaffold should be calculated and designed, especially we should pay attention to the following points:The stabilit...

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  • 22,10,2018

    1.Putting up multilayer or high-rise construction scaffold must follow the special construction technology program; floor type steel scaffold, cantilever scaffold, door-type scaffold, pendant-type sca...

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  • 20,10,2018

    The choice of scaffold erection material:1.Steel tube should choose 48*3.2 (external diameter 48mm, wall thickness 3.2mm) without bending, deformation, serious corrosion and crack.2.The scaffold of st...

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  • 18,10,2018

    Its safety and stability has outstanding guarantee to ensure construction with high efficiency and safety.Wheel button scaffold can be made up various construction equipment with different frame scale...

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