Collapse Safety Precaution of Scaffold

No matter as support system of construction formwork or peripheral protection frame, scaffold should be calculated and designed, especially we should pay attention to the following points:

The stability and loading capacity of scaffold is the key condition for the scaffold system, its construction of stack and other dynamic load should be taken into consideration in the process of operation.

Scaffold should be independent system, in the construction site, it is not allowed to be connected with other facilities, like lift, material hoist, tower hoist and so on.

For the various flaw of scaffold: corrosion, deformation of fastening and flow on pipe section, all of these should be taken into consideration when design program to improve safety factor.

Management prevention

The operators for scaffold erection must be trained with a special operation qualification certificate.

Technical director should tell operators the real intentions about safety technology, especially for some dangerous situation, for some parts that is not meet specification or design program must reform in place.

Construction organization and supervising unit must perform security obligations and relative procedure.

Field construction prevention

The operators must follow the construction program, relative regulations and safety technology clarification to operate, any operation that is not meet the requirement must be reformed. Operators can not stack and hang constructive material or other material on the scaffold, steel pipe can not be put on the operative surface, wall-linking element can not be taken down before other scaffold.

In the process of taking down scaffold, there must be professionals to conduct site instructions and responsible for production safety inspection, if there is something dangerous, all the operation should be stopped at once and take measures, only when it is out of danger, operation can keep going.

The reasons for operators fall take damage

1.Falling down when put up or take down scaffold. Up and down the ladder. No handrail or its strength is not enough. There is a open mouth on the working surface.

2.Operators are in bad heath or terrible weather.

3.Diving board is not fasten or fasten stably. They are working out of handrail. The ground is too tall to keep balance.

4.Not hang the safety belt( no stable site for hanging safety belt or need to unlock belt to move); mount point of safety belt is not stable( belt is hung on the component or opening of upright tube); the mount point of safety belt is too low or using lap belt; safety belt is with bad quality or somewhere is broken.

The measures to prevent operators from falling

1.Let some qualified operators to put up, take down, check and use scaffold to avoid damage or death because of falling.

2.Don’t allow operators who are in bad heath or taking contraindications to work at high place.

3.Put up the convenient and safe anti-dropping system, use wearing seat belts with two ropes to protect every operators from falling.

4.Use the safety belts that are from formal manufacturer and check them every day before using.

5.Put up “z” ladder to avoid climbing straight ladder.

6.Put up handrail at the free end on the working surface( two streaks 1.2m/0.6m) and skirting board (higher than 150mm), handrail can bear 500kg.

7.Overspread diving board on the working surface, between board and board is flat and close, diving boards must be stable.
8.Operators are not allowed to stride out of diving to work or block up working platform.

Common senses for saving yourself when scaffold falls down

Move your body carefully in case that bigger remains will smash you and calm down.

Protect mouth and nose to prevent dust pollution.

If there is water pipe or gas piping beside you, ring these pipes, other people will find you.

If you are stuck where is close to the ground, shout for help when rescue workers pass.
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