The Basic Requirement of construction scaffold erection

The choice of scaffold erection material:

1.Steel tube should choose 48*3.2 (external diameter 48mm, wall thickness 3.2mm) without bending, deformation, serious corrosion and crack.

2.The scaffold of steel tube must be connected with rod piece through qualified steel fasteners, its weight should be +1.1kg. They can not be fastened with iron wire or other material.

3. The scaffold can not be mixed with steel and wood

Scaffold erection is not only the work platform for reinforcing steel bar, template and concrete operators but also can protect these operators.

1.It is necessary to have cantilever scaffold, marguise for preventing falling, outside cross bridging and safety net.

2.The bottom steel beam of scaffold is made of joist steel, its separation distance is between 1.6mm in general, it is directly anchoring on embedded part of concrete floor.

3.For cantilever steel scaffold, its rachel setting should satisfy the requirement of construction scheme in the process of construction. Generally, setting wire rope sideways in the front end of cantilever parts of joist steel, connecting it by rope cappel.

4.Hoarding measures refer to containment and blocking measures, including taking one sided or polyhedral measures to construction area, dangerous work zone and  work with dangerous factors.

5.The length of cantilever part should not exceed 1.4m. Big cantilever scaffold and special ultrahigh scaffold need to be designed with special construction program and expert argumentation.

6.When put up scaffold on the street, there must be some protective procedures outside to avoid falling. When take down scaffold, there must be rail and warning mark on the ground with special assigned people, non-operators are not be allowed to enter.

7.After putting up scaffold, it must be checked and maintained at regular intervals, dealing with every problem in time, whole scaffold must be used after reforming.

8.Other auxiliary facilities: plugging a red flag on the top of high-tension cable shield, painting upright tube red with white at 1m of high-tension cable for warning; every hole must be with door, cover and rail for warning, such as stairs, elevator well, entrance and exit of construction hole, equipment mouth, well, droove, pool, cave mouth and balcony door.
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