Arched Scaffolding Demolition

(1) Preparation before dismantling

1. The arch frame can be dismantled after being inspected and verified by the person in charge of the project and confirmed that it is no longer needed;

2. Before dismantling, the scaffolding spirit level material, tools and sundries on the arch frame should be removed;

3. When dismantling the arch scaffolding, the warning zone and the warning sign should be set up, and the full-time staff should be responsible for the alert;

(2) Demolition construction work

1. The removal of the frame body should be carried out under the unified command, according to the order of the first installation and the first assembly and then the removal.

2. The frame body should be removed from one end to the end and removed from top to bottom.

3. The structural components and reinforcing bars of the same layer shall be carried out in the order of first up, then down, first outside and then inside, and finally the wall parts shall be removed;

4. During the dismantling process, the height of the free cantilever of the frame body shall not be greater than that of the two-step frame. When it is necessary to exceed two steps, a temporary tie knot shall be added;

5. The horizontal reinforcement rods and cross-bars of the wall parts and scaffolding spirit level must be removed when the frame body is disassembled to the corresponding frame body;

6. Strictly follow the order of demolition, from top to bottom, not allowed to work at the same time.

(3) Precautions for dismantling

1. During the demolition work, it is strictly forbidden to use hard objects such as taro to hit and dig. The removed bolts and fasteners should be placed in the bag, and the whole bag should be carried out and thrown.

2. The arched frame members and accessories that have been uncoupled must be removed, transported or hoisted in time, and suspended on the shelf or in the air;

3. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave and get off work without removing the removed objects and the unopened arch frame without temporary safety pull-up;

4. After the arch frame is removed, the components should be packaged and stacked safely.
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