• 16,02,2019

    Different types of scaffoldings are selected for different purposes of engineering construction. Most of the bridge support frames use bowl-buckled scaffolding, and some use portal scaffolding. In the...

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  • 14,02,2019

    1) Multi-function: According to the specific construction requirements, bowl-buckle scaffolding can form single and double row scaffoldings with different dimensions, shapes and carrying capacity, sup...

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  • 12,02,2019

    1. Easy and fast: disc-type scaffolding is easy and fast to build, and has a strong mobility, can meet a wide range of operational requirements. 2. Flexible, safe and reliable: according to different ...

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  • 10,02,2019

    Technology1. No matter what type of scaffolding is installed, the materials and processing quality of scaffolding must meet the requirements. It is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified materials to...

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  • 08,02,2019

    1. Requirements for erection of support rod type cantilever scaffolding Supporting rod type cantilever scaffolding construction needs to control the use load, and the erection should be firm. When ere...

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  • 06,02,2019

    1. Setting up high-rise scaffolding, all kinds of materials used must meet the quality requirements. 2. The foundation of high-rise scaffolding must be firm, calculated before erection, meeting the lo...

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