Linyi Queen Import & Export Co., Ltd. is the trading company affiliated to QUEEN Group, which is responsible for the import and export business of the whole group. Based on QUEEN Group's strong product production capacity, Queen import and export business has been rapid development. So far, the source of imports and exports of scaffolding, template system, hardware tools, sports mats annual export volume of nearly 100 million US dollars.

The rapid development of foreign trade business, can not be separated from our dedicated sales team. Our sales staff footprints almost all over the world in every corner, where there is a demand for customers, we can see the staff figure of Queen imp&exp company.

Queen trading
Honesty is the most important principle of our company. We sincerely treat every customer, we hold with the customer to do a lifetime of business' attitude, and grow together with our customers. Regardless of the scale of the client, we are treated equally. In our cooperation customers, many of them are the first time import products from China, we patiently to help customers analyze the market, fully consider for customers, so that customers in the business to earn the first pot of gold.

Many of these customers, in our continuous efforts, the scale of their company become bigger and bigger, the development of customers is our most happy thing. In addition to our product advantages, but also to provide customers with good service.

Our company's slogan is the sincere treatment of each customer so that there is no difficult business to do in the world  Once cooperation, all life is a friend.

Sophie Liu- Manager of Trading company

Manger of Trading company-Sophie Liu
As the founder of linyi queen imp&exp co., Ltd, she paid a great effort to the company's foreign trade business. Queen GROUP'S export e-business has developed rapidly , cannot do without her hard work. In the past years, She led the team to constantly open up new markets, has made remarkable achievements. She treats customers very sincere, and solve the problem with high-speed effective, won the praise of customers. She has repeatedly been the group company judges outstanding model. In the next five years of Queen development, her goal is to be the industry leader.
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  • FAX:+86 0539 2800891
  • ADDRESS:IEC 1711-1712 Shanghai Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China