Scaffolding Rental

Scaffolding leasing business is an extension of our business outside the scaffolding manufacturing business, before the global financial crisis, QUEEN GROUP have vigorously developed the scaffolding manufacturing business and scaffolding export business, our production capacity reach to 200 TON per day, Peak export volume reached 300TEU per month. But with the advent of the economic crisis, the global construction industry began to shrink after 2008. The scaffolding demands substantial decline but at this time the Chinese market, a large number of infrastructure is underway. High-speed rail, viaduct, and the whole of China's real estate construction, providing a large number of scaffolding market demand. We seize this opportunity, the use of idle capacity, producing a large number of scaffolding inventory. We use the advanced consciousness and apply the RFID system to the scaffolding leasing industry, which provides a solid foundation for the development of our company's scaffolding leasing business.
Scaffolding Rental
The ledger, vertical bar and diagonal brace of scaffolding have installed the chip, the use of RFID systems, when the large quantities of scaffolding in-out the warehouse, the system can quickly detect each of the scaffolding numbers. FRID system abandoned the traditional staff points, weighing and other cumbersome procedures, saving a lot of manpower and resources. The system is developed by our exclusive, and applied to the scaffolding leasing industry, for the scaffolding leasing industry financing, supervision, and bulk management provides a great convenience. In order to bring this excellent management system to overseas markets, we are now recruiting partners to the global scaffolding leasing industry, hoping to be able to effectively monitor the scaffolding process and reduce the cost of the leasing industry.
Scaffolding Rental
We have a strong scaffolding storage capacity, in a very short period of time to organize tens of thousands of ring lock scaffolding and cup lock scaffolding. At present, we are actively expanding the rental market outside of China, combined with the sale of rent and rental, the combination of the model for the global leasing projects to provide products and services. We are currently able to provide the following services to our customers:
(1) to rent for sale
(2) first purchase and then recycling
(3) international leasing
(4) International subletting business

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