Scaffolder Dispatch

Scaffolder Dispatch

Scaffolding workers dispatch service

At present, the ever-changing urban construction and the rapid development of China's economy, for the scaffolding to provide a broad market. In order to speed up urban construction, we have trained a large number of professional scaffolding workers. China's scaffolding workers skilled, hard-working, high quality, able to adapt to the high-intensity work environment, they made a great contribution to the cause of China's construction.

China's scaffolding workers have more than 10 years of work experience, aged 35-55 years old, generally, have more than 5 projects scaffolding build experience, scaffolding operators have been trained and have the appropriate qualifications. Suffering from heart disease, High blood pressure, epilepsy, etc. are not suitable for high-altitude operations personnel are not allowed to engage in scaffolding structures work.

Scaffolding workers need to have the following conditions:

1. Scaffolding operators have been trained with the appropriate effective qualifications and certificates;
2. Scaffolding workers are responsible for the progress of the project, must comply with the project safety system and operating procedures, strict implementation of security measures;
3. Before the operation, the scaffolding workers confirm that the safety measures have been carried out according to the approved operation plan and need to be followed by the operation instruction.
4. Familiar with and master the contingency plan;
5. Work personnel must be placed in accordance with the provisions of the operating equipment and tools, the right to wear safety requirements of labor protection equipment and tools.

Advantages of Chinese construction workers:

1. with excellent practical skills, build experience, engaged in more than five projects.
2. high efficiency has created a world record of scaffolding construction speed.
3. high work intensity, high quality to complete the progress of the project.
4. Compared to European and American construction workers, low wages. Chinese scaffolding workers paid a daily wage of 1/5 scaffolding workers in Europe and the United States.

Our company has the service dispatch qualification, can send a large number of scaffolding workers. We hope that our Chinese construction workers will contribute to the world's construction.
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