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In the scaffolding of the construction process, we must regularly inspect every combination of scaffolding. We have to hang warning tag. Warning card must be inspected every day. Scaffolding nuts and pipes, fasteners are easy to scratch the human's  body when walk through by them. So we need to protect the fasteners and scaffolding with plastic accessories.

Scaffolding pipes and nutsScaffolding pipes and nutsScaffolding pipes and nuts

In order to improve the efficiency of scaffolding tarpaulin, we can use the scaffolding tarpaulin dedicated elastic tie, toggle tie generally 1000pcs in one box. Sunscreen, good elasticity, can greatly improve the speed of bundles of tarpaulins.

scaffolding tarpaulin dedicated elastic tiescaffolding tarpaulin dedicated elastic tiescaffolding tarpaulin dedicated elastic tie

In the process of scaffolding building. Scaffolding of the external structures must meet the safety standards, scaffolding sheeting must be high strength, it is best to have a certain degree of fire resistance.

scaffolding sheetingscaffolding sheeting
scaffolding sheetingscaffolding sheetingscaffolding sheeting

Protective gloves. Protective gloves are best to choose this.
Protective glovesProtective gloves
Protective glovesProtective gloves
Scaffolding workers use scaffolding tool combinations and tool sets also have a lot of requirements. In general, the tool set to use the leather, the leather tool set have a longer life. In addition, the leather tool case has a non-slip property that prevents the tool from slipping off at high altitude. For scaffolding workers, ratchet wrenches and BI-HEX spanners are indispensable, Scaffolding workers in the use of the process will often falling, wrench once falling, will hit the following people, but also affect the efficiency of the work, so every wrench must have a hand rope. The best material of tool lanyard is the best choice of steel wire or super strength line. Hooks are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Bending hammer, tape measure, spring level is also necessary for scaffolding workers.

Scaffolding Workers Tools Wearing Schematic:
Scaffolding Workers Tools Wearing Schematic
Our company in the continuous exploration, the gradual accumulation of experience to improve the safety of scaffolding in the construction system to ensure the safe implementation of the project. In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents and protect the safety of construction workers, we have adopted a strict and practical protective measures, the real follow the safety first, safe is priceless' concept.

1. first of all from the scaffolding workers wear, scaffolding workers belong to high-altitude operations, so in the work, the retractable full body industrial safety belt is extremely important, three points safety belt must be made of high strength materials, which using high-strength polyester, to meet the American Standard, European standard, international GB, ANSI, CE, LA certification and other multiple standards. The hardware fitting are made of high strength chrome carbon steel. High-altitude working protection harness can play a very good protective effect in the high-altitude falling suspension, the buffer hook with a single rope or double rope points, double rope more secure, the breaking intensity is greater than 22KN, the waist of the  safety belt is widther designed to ensure comfortable wear.

hardware fittinghardware fittinghardware fitting
In the aerial work, to prevent the head from construction nuts and fastener falling, so choose a good helmet is also very important. Safety helmet must use high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, 8-point cap lining support, can effectively disperse the impact outside the shell, better play the role of shock absorption.
Safety helmetSafety helmet
Goggles are also scaffolding workers must be equipped with.
Reflective vest, preferably with multiple pockets.
Reflective vest
Anti-skid shoes
Anti-skid shoes

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