Brand Story

The predecessor of Queen Group is a small tool factory. After 20 years of continuous development, we have been developed from the original tool's manufacturer into a group which currently owns many subsidiaries. Its industry includes manufacturing, formworks design, scaffolding rental, international trading, Labor dispatch and so on. The diversified business model makes our development more robust.

In the field of manufacturing, we make the scaffolding, wrenches, formworks and other products better and better. We own complete product line to ensure that our control of delivery time, advanced production equipment to ensure our quality, strict production team to ensure that our technology is always in a leading position.

Queen Group

Our formworks design company is also constantly developing, and more and more excellent designers join our formworks design team, we cooperated a lot of complex projects which give us higher requirements. At present, we undertake the main project is the viaduct project of linyi city.

Scaffolding rental business is carried out in China domestic market, with the use of advanced RFID technology, pushing the scaffolding leasing business to a new height level. At present we are in the layout of overseas markets, to open up the international market scaffolding leasing business.

Queen Group
Although the establishment of the trading company is not long, the development is very rapid. Under the leadership of the group, Queen imp& exp continue to create new records. We send the construction workers and civil engineers through Queen labor dispatch company. Praised in the field of global construction.


  • 1996 Queen tools factory is established
  • 2005 Queen scaffolding factory operating
  • 2009 Queen spanner factory
  • 2010 Queen mat factory opened
  • 2013 Queen impexp co.,ltd start the business
  • 2015 Queen design company founded
  • 2016 Queen scaffolding rental set up
  • TEL:0086-18653976938
  • FAX:+86 0539 2800891
  • ADDRESS:IEC 1711-1712 Shanghai Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China